Why Use A Travel Agent?

Why Use A Travel Agent?

The internet has changed the way travel’s done. In the old days
travelers actually had to go through travel agents to book airfare tickets and travel
packages. That changed in the late 1990’s when Delta made a decision to stop paying airfare
commissions to travel agents. Other carriers soon followed and the rest, as they say, is history.
Today, travelers have unlimited online options when booking travel. It’s possible to book everything
from simple airfare to luxury vacation packages. This access begs the question that’s often asked…
do I need a travel agent? Though some travelers can handle their arrangements, the answer for
most is absolutely yes. A travel agent will take the stress out of making your travel
arrangements! As a former flight attendant, I’ve seen the result of travelers who made their
own arrangements often to disastrous results. They’d book itineraries that looked great online
but often after hastily booking, they’d discover some none to pleasant surprises, e.g. a 10 hour
layover in Tampa, an airport change in NYC or worst of all, that they’d bought a
ticket to the wrong destination. When travelers book through a travel agent, they get to
transfer all potential pitfalls and problems to the agent and can sit back and relax.
The saying “without a travel agent – you’re on your own” is so true. A good travel agent is
a traveler’s best resource and will work tirelessly to provide the following:

* listen to what you want and offer recommendations based on your preferences
* work for you – not the travel supplier
* make sure you get the vacation experience you want
* advocate on your behalf if there’s a problem
* provide personalized accessible service

Travel agents are there to help you navigate the ever changing travel landscape and understand
the many overwhelming choices available. Smart travelers shouldn’t leave home without assistance
from these valuable travel professionals!

Family Reunion Planning, Honeymoon Destinations, Girlfriend Getaways or just a weekend trip to Vegas, our team will take care of you from beginning to end.

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