Sydney Australia – My New Favorite City

Ida and I spent the Christmas Holidays in Sydney, Australia and oh what a lovely city!

We stayed in the Chinatown area which is located near the Central Business District. Sydney is a beautiful tourist friendly, international city. It is however rather pricey, especially liquor, cigarettes or anything considered a “vice”. For example, a 24 pack of premium beer cost approx. $50.00 and other alcoholic beverages are off the charts! I recommend that liquor purchases be made at duty free before leaving the airport. Though food is not consided a vice, it too is quite expensive. It was hard to find a meal under $25.00, even on lunch menus. We stayed in a suite with a kitchenette which helped a lot with food cost. If you’re planning to visit, having a kitchen to cook some of your meals is a great option.

We spent our days and evenings exploring the city. Thankfully, the city is very walk-able and easy to navigate. Public restrooms were plentiful and easy to find. We walked quite a bit but also used the local buses, taxis and ferry system. In the Central Business District, the city provides a free shuttle that will drop you off at various CBD locations. We took the ferry to Manly Beach which is a “not to be missed” destination. The ferry trip takes about 30 minutes and traverses some of the most beautiful parts of Sydney Harbour. The city of Manly was almost like taking a step back in time. It reminded me of sleepy resort towns often seen in the movies. What I loved most about Manly is that the businesses fit right in with the laid back mode. The streets and beach areas were filled with multi-generational locals – mothers pushing babies in strollers, grandparents sitting with grandchildren having ice cream and young people playing volley ball & surfing on the beach. What a wonderful way to spend the day!

Sydney is a very diverse city and to my delight, the mini shirt never went out of style there. But the ladies wear them in a very natural, unassuming kind of way. The city skyline is an eclectic mix of older structures combined with tall contemporary skyscrapers. At times, it reminded me of San Francisco, New York, Cape Town and Buenos Aires all rolled into one.

The people were friendly, the transportation excellent, the parks are world class and the entertainment first rate! It doesn’t get any better than that and I can’t wait to make a return visit!

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